AnxiTEA Bath Milk Tea

AnxiTEA Bath Milk Tea

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Oooohhh you can feel the extra LOVE added into this recipe!

AnxiTEA is a complete mix of beautiful Essential Oils which is added to our unique salt blend that is enrobed in decadent cocoa butter. Then the magic happs! We spin it up with a generous coating of our bath bomb recipe & tuck in a ton of luxurious goat milk, ground jasmine, and chamomile flowers, and a heaping helping of dried honey! 

Ingredients: LOVE, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, salts, coca butter, dried goat milk, rice bran oil, jasmine, chamomile and honey powder, corn starch, polysorbate 80, coco betaine, proprietary essential oil blend, fragrance, fd&c lakes. 

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